New Babies and Sleep – Calm Mom Tip #1: Routine, routine, routine.

Are you a person that used to fly by the seat of her pants before having kids? Was “Whatever” your favorite word? Now is the time to change! Babies thrive on routine and according to sleep experts, it is never too early to start:

By about six weeks of age, new babies should start to have a bedtime. Sleep experts recommend that babies go to sleep between 7 and 8:30 PM – even if they wake up just an hour or two later to eat. The idea is to start teaching babies that there is a difference between daytime (when babies take brief naps…often wherever they happen to be when they get tired) and nighttime (when babies should be sleeping for longer stretches, typically in a crib).

By about six weeks, parents should also establish some sort of nighttime routine. This routine signals the beginning of nighttime. You can establish any nighttime routine that you like. Just remember that whatever you decide on will be repeated every night — perhaps for years to come. And, remember that you will also use your routine (perhaps in an abridged form) before every nap (again for years to come). SO, before you concoct an hour-long routine that requires a PhD in some super-complex scientific field to follow, please reconsider. Figure out a routine that is brief and simple. Here’s a great example for little babies – nurse/bottle feed, change into jammies, read stories, put baby in crib and turn on some nice music.

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