8oz Calming or Time Out Bottle (Glitter) - Lavender Dreams
8oz Calming or Time Out Bottle (Glitter) - Lavender Dreams

8oz Calming or Time Out Bottle (Glitter) - Lavender Dreams

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The original calming bottles!

A new design for summer 2017. Lavender Dreams has a light purple glitter with small flower sequins/confetti.

These calming bottles can soothe and relax, distracting your little one from whatever is causing their current meltdown. Great for both girls and boys, it also helps during timeouts, letting them focus on something else, giving them a measured amount of time until they can rejoin their previous activity. Bottles settle in the 3 minute range.

Glitter and small sparkly objects swirl in the bottle when shaken, then settle towards the bottom when put down. Bottles also contain an auditory factor - glass beads provide a soothing clacking sound when the bottle is rocked back and forth. Bottles are plastic and safe for kids, and caps are firmly affixed with glue.

Common uses:
Calm down for over-excited children
Fidget Toys
Desk Toys
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Distraction during in-office medical procedures
Party Favors
Soothing for Autism/Spectrum kids
Anger-management, kids and adults
Time-out timer (bottles are generally made with 3 minute settling time)
Tooth-brush timer

Also knows as "Time-Out bottles, Hush Bottles, Focus Bottles, Glitter Bottles and Sensory Bottles"

6.9" High X 1.75" Wide