Glitter Galore – 13 days to go!

Glitter ahoy!

Here at Casa de Mom we're gluing, mixing, carting, measuring, and getting creative in expectation for the Made in Connecticut Expo on May 14 and 15. I'll be creating some custom order forms today to take with me and I've been trying to make sure I have more than enough stock for that weekend (and a few weeks beyond, as I'm sure I'm not going to want to look at glitter again for a little while afterwards).

I've got a tent, I've got a chair, I've got a table, and plenty of stock, many bottles of water, lots of sunblock and possibly a hat - so come visit!

We're close to running out of our Princess Pink bottles, as well - I'll have some with me, I think, but we're officially now out of the glitter needed to make them. I've been working to make mixes of the bottle contents to speed up the creation time as well. My kitchen looks like a four year old's princess fantasy came to life:



Yes, those are gallon size bags filled with sequins. Yes, I have a sparkly vacuum. I've also officially given up and I now buy two pounds of glitter in one color at a time. This at least allows me to stretch my glitter purchases to every few months.

We're also going to be bringing a selection of necklaces that are for adults - these are beautiful and unique glass globes filled with glitter shiny lovelies - both suspended in water, and on their own. Come check them out! They all come in lovely gift boxes, perfect for that special someone. We have both 32" and 20" silver snake chains in stock.

Give us a swirl...

(Please note necklaces are NOT suitable for children, or anyone under 13. While they are quite sturdy, they ARE made of glass.