Photo time! New bottles coming soon!


This Friday I’ll be working with a friend of mine, taking a new series of photos for The Calm Mom’s new bottle offerings. I’ll be dragging out the GOOD camera for these new bottles. Check out the description of them here. This means listings for the new bottles should be going up this weekend!

Taking photos for these bottles is always an event – we want to be able to get them with a white background, but accurately represent the colors ALSO while catching them mid-motion. It’s… involved.

However, this time I’ll also be helping out a friend of mine, which should make things a lot more fun. He has an Etsy shop and needs some photos taken.  At least his items don’t move.

He makes AMAZING items that are recycled from computer parts, saving these things from a landfill. He started doing some of these around our office a few months ago (we do have a regular full-time job besides our side-gigs, which takes up far too much time), and they’ve started selling very well!  Even more importantly, he has a reason. From his about page:


I have always enjoyed “tinkering” with things. Taking them apart and creating something from what most would call trash. Landfills are overflowing around the world with electronic materials. I hope by creating pieces of art from electronic “waste” we can help keep the world a little bit cleaner!

The bracelets that I make are for a purpose. I need to sell 2500 of them to be able to afford surgery. Slow and steady wins the race! 


Check out some of his creations:

I keep whining for him to make me a sheep – but we get motorcycles instead.

 Still not a sheep.


He also does custom orders: maybe you can convince him to make a sheep? He’s not listening to me.