Working on something new… Finally! New bottles! (and one short term return)

I’ve spent the last year trying to catch up on some explosive growth, streamlining our processes and recipes, and generally getting things done. A few larger schools have requested bulk orders, which has been great, and kept me more than busy. However, people have been asking for something new and I’ve been getting a bit restless – it’s time to shake things up a little bit! (ha, haha, haha, sorry.)

First, I’ve brought back our Princess Pink bottle for the summer due to more than a few requests to start carrying it again.  I’m only stocking this one as long as my current supplies last, so if you’re interested, you can purchase it in either store.

In addition, I’ve been plotting and planning. It seems I do my best thinking while getting a massage – I’ll have to try that again and see if I get any more bright ideas.

Just in time for summer, I’m working on some new colors and designs. Hopefully they’ll match the warm weather we’re waiting for (58 and rainy for Memorial Day weekend doesn’t cut it).

Summer Dessert Series:


Lemon Chiffon (Filled with light yellow glitter, sliver flake, translucent flake, and fruit.)‎

Orange Creamsicle (Filled with bright orange glitter, sliver flake, translucent flake, and…fruit!)‎

Lime Sherbet (Filled with lime green glitter, sliver flake, translucent flake, and fruit. So much fruit!)‎

These three will retail as a set – pack of three, and individually.


Flower Series:

Lavender Dreams (Lavender purple glitter with assorted glitter/sequins)‎

Spring Meadow (Light/translucent green filled with flowers of all kinds)‎

Sold individually.