8oz Calming Glitter Bottle - Superhero Blue

8oz Calming Glitter Bottle - Superhero Blue

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The original calming bottles!

Super Hero! Get your Captain Super-Hero Man costume on! Dark Blue and red glitter swirl when shaken, accompanied by red and white stars, both large and small, with tiny silver holographic stars floating among them.

These bottles can soothe and calm, helping provide a positive focus for wellness and mindfulness.  Bottles settle completely in about three minutes.

Glitter and small sparkly objects swirl in the bottle when shaken, then settle towards the bottom when put down. Bottles also contain an auditory factor - glass beads provide a soothing clacking sound when the bottle is rocked back and forth. Bottles are plastic and shatterproof, and caps are firmly affixed with glue.

Common uses:
Calm down focus
Fidget Toys
Desk Toys
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Distraction during in-office medical procedures
Party Favors
Soothing for that identify as on the Autism spectrum 

Also known as "Time-Out bottles, Hush Bottles, Focus Bottles, Glitter Bottles and Sensory Bottles"

6.9" High X 1.75" Wide